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Off a beekeeping weekend Friends of the Bees Northern Gathering


If I get kidnapped by the Hippies or dragged into a Cult Please come rescue me …

This looks like a good weekend, Vege food I can do for a few days, Hopefully learn loads


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Wont lie just not tell the whole truth LOL


I would have been straight there if Heidi Herrmann was there :wink:


Her name did come up in conversation

will post later - need to compile video and piccies


So looking forward to your presentation.
I love stuff like that. I wish I could have gone.
Has anybody seen Dave Goulson speak? Now… he’s absolutely wonderful and such a nice chap too.


Yeah…Valli get a wriggle on…we can’t wait…want to see how you escape!


Sorry worn out over weekend - slight tummy bug from the water - The Lancaster area http://www.lancasterguardian.co.uk/news/community/health-warning-continues-after-bug-is-found-in-water-supply-1-7397656 managed to keep water safe but tummy bug Monday??


OK< OK< OK< I’m Back!!! Shattered - really good weekend. Made soap, lip balm, I did lip balm not mead, saw a Japanese Hive, Tyre hive many TBH, A Warre, learned about quilts, condensation, Had talks about Black Native Bees, Bombus Hymenoptera (tree bumble bee), managing Top Bar Hives, talked about planting Wild Flower Meadow projects. Bought some plants, Talk and books by BIBBA and a few free magazines,Free Seeds for meadow Flowers, Met some really nice people, beautiful Hall and gardens, Good accommodation and facilities, Tea and coffee laid on, Vegetarian food was good :bee: :bee::bee::bee:


It looks like you had fun. You could make a Langstroth long hive…then all your equipment will fit and they are good for doing A/S and splits too.