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Online Intro to Beekeeping Class - Now Streaming!


Hi Flow Beeks!

Hilary Kearney here! Some of you may have read the articles I have written for the Flow Hive Blog recently. If you liked my style of teaching you might be interested to know that I have just finished making an online Intro to Beekeeping course that you can stream anytime from anywhere in the world! It is absolutely relevant to Flow Hive Beekeepers and even intermediate level beekeepers have benefitted from this class, which is offered in person by yours truly in San Diego, California every month. The online version is a combination of fascinating footage and still images with interactive narration throughout. It’s not your typical Introductory class which often only covers the kind of equipment you need to buy with a brief synopsis of the honey bee lifecycle. This class is packed with absolutely everything you need to know to get started with bees! Plus, it focuses on natural, bee-centric, sustainable beekeeping practices. Not convinced this class is for you? Read what others had to say about it on Yelp and see the trailer below.