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Only in my dreams

This past week I must have had a dream about a big gob of burr comb in my hive. So when I opened it up today I had my knife ready to cut out, and was surprised to find everything in order! Three of the frames were covered solid on both sides with bees, and three are still nearly empty. This one is somewhere in between, but there’s a lot going on. I saw the queen on another frame, and they’re all doing fine. In the beginning I lost about a third of my package, but since then the colony seems to have doubled in size. They’re busy doing what bees do and I love to watch them!


That is a nice looking frame !


Very nice frame well done bees.:+1: Did you use foundation?
And, I know you said you saw the queen on another frame but… :thinking:

Thank you! I used plastic foundation painted with “Texas Beeswax,” which I found on Amazon. (It sounded good – actually, it has a really strong honey scent.) When I was waxing the frames on my patio table, a bee came by and just went crazy. It was like when my dog gets excited and jumps up and down. That’s exactly how this bee was acting. Anyway, my sister took a few videos as I was examining the frames, and one of them shows the queen pulling her long abdomen out of a cell. Unfortunately the quality of the video isn’t great, but she’s in there and busy at work!


And there I was thinking I could see the queen on the frame.:wink:

I’ve been dreaming about bees quite a bit- and one thing I have noticed is that the comb/hive is always wrong/weird in my dreams. last night I had a dream where the combs were all empty- with big holes in them- and the bees were not in the hive but living in the base… A few weeks ago I dreamed I was keeping a beehive in a swimming pool- underwater. I fished them out to check as I was worried and to my surprise the dreambees were doing fine living at the bottom of the pool…

Moral of the story: dreams about bees are weird just like dreams in general. When I go and check my actual real world bees- all is fine. :wink:

Oh- and bees do get very attracted to the smell of melted beeswax. Whenever I hot wax dip beehives bees come to check it out immediately.

My bee dreams are usually about queens the size of a finger, and opening a hive when I forgot to put on a bee suit. You are right. They are really weird!!! :blush:

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That’s so funny! I didn’t even know it was a dream until I opened up the hive! The common thread is that we worry about our bees 24/7!

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Oh yes! I think my wife is jealous of my 10000 new love interests…

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