Package and nuc

Hi I’m new on here I live in Texas have moved 3 swarms but they left. Decided to buy a package. Have 4 langroth boxes 2 deep 2 shallow and 2 inner and outer tops. I’m thinking of also buying now a nuc. Can I rob 1 frame from the nuc and add to the package to help them?

Hello and welcome!

You can - if you take brood from the nuc you’ll be slowing them down as much as you accelerate the package but if you take a honey frame or drawn comb that might make more sense.

I find that active brood from a donor hive introduced to a package on installation causes problems. It’s best to have the package queen well established (one month) before adding donor brood frames.

Also, I never install packages in an apiary site that has over wintered colonies present. It’s OK to mix established package hives with over wintered hives when that package queen is well established…i.e. one month after installation.

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Hi Doug, what problems do you encounter when adding “active brood” (not knowing exactly what you mean by ‘active brood’) to a package within the first month?