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Personal Communication of interest to some other forum users


I’m not exactly sure if there is anywhere this should go on the forum. It isn’t really at all relevant to beekeeping but I know some forum users would want to know. It’s personal and tragic and I won’t be able to post much for a while because of it. I will give a link to my Facebook page.

I ask Admin to take this topic down if it does not have a place on the forum.

Thanks. Here’s the link.


Sorry for you Loss - Is this your son In law?


He was my youngest child and was 36 years old. He was living on a canal boat in London. It’s such a very long way from Australia. He had recently been working as a software developer but for many years he worked as a bicycle courier.


So sorry Bob - are you coming over or is he coming home?


I’m so sorry, Bob. Wishing you and your family peace.


Just so sad for your loss.


Sorry to hear that. We’ll be here when you are able to


Very sorry, Bob. Will be thinking of you and look forward to seeing your words when you are able to join us again.


When your ready we will be here for you. So sorry for your loss. Randy


So very sorry to hear this. Such a tragedy. Feel free to post as you are able.


Terribly sorry Bob, we feel for you and I hope you can make it back here soon, we’ll miss your posts.


Hi Bob, Wilma & I are so sad to hear of that news. Our thoughts are with you at this time. Take care both of you, bye for now.


Thank you all for your very kind comments. My Tim came home on Saturday and we had a memorial service for him on Friday. Tomorrow we will place a flower over him. I’ve written his story on my FB page if you want to read about my son.

I loved him so much.