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Please help we have bees coming


My husband and I put together our Flow Hive last night and we were a bit disapointed in the quality of the wood with splits and not lining up. With saying that. Now we see that we are missing the second box with the cells that go in the top box. We had no idea the kit was not complete and now have bee’s coming in 3 days. Not sure we can put them in only the bottom box and with out foundation cells. The instructions are not very good. Help, has anyone added bees with out the second box and how is it going?
Thank you


@BuzzingBookers you can, in theory, add your bees to the box you have. The bees wont be ready to start filling a honey super for a while yet, which will give you time to get a brood box. Once you get your brood box (or 2 brood boxes, depending on where you live), you can transfer your frames of brood to the new boxes (in the same order), and add the honey super once the bees are ready to start making honey. That is of course, if i understood what you were asking and not knowing what you actually received.


It would have been wise to read a book or two on bees before ordering a nuc… Of course you can put them in a box without anything inside. They will build their own way comb. That’s what bees have done since thousands of years. IF you need a second brood box depends on how well your hive develops. For the moment begin you don’t need more than what’s in your kit. You don’t put a second brood box on before the bees have filled the first one with comb, brood and food.


Thank you very much.


Yes you are right and I have red a bit and also have a lot of friends that have hives.However none of them have the Flow hive, so I wanted to make sure. Thank you.


Hello & welcome. Please have a look at these great videos produced by the Flow folks - and don’t worry, you’re going to get lots of support & help from the more experienced beekeepers on this forum!


The flow frames ONLY change the method of harvesting honey. All the rest about beekeeping stays the same. Ask for their guidance, if you have beekeepers at hand. The thought of putting a flow hive in your back yard and then never care for it again other than taking the honey is NOT realistic.

BTW, which cells do you mean that are missind? I understood that plastic flow frames and wooden parts are manufactured in different parts of the world, thus shipped seperately. If the flow frames didn’t arrive yet, they will soon.


I am excited and plan on taking a class to learn more. I have already helped my friend with her hive. Yes I meant the second box. We did not know they were coming separate. I do thank you for all your help. My bee friends here are skeptical about the Flow Hive.


So they are around here. I started to ignore their comments, even stopped telling people about it unless asked directly. In a german forum I started to write a report on the flow frames today, since they were very sceptical and asked for it. I can only report on the box being adjusted so far (I ordered the “naked” flow frames and ought the wooden parts in my country, see no use in shipping wood all over the world…). I plan on putting the honey super on my hives on friday, if the weather finally brightens up, as it’s prognosed.


Where are you located? Check the Introductions on this forum, might be some Flow-beeks near you.


Which product did you select? One option was only the flow frames and super which means you would only get one box. This is the first time we’ve seen someone shorted that much usually it’s a spring or a knob etc. You should start them in a single box though until the colony gains strength and numbers so you will be fine with one box for now.


Im in the Bay area of California


We did not find out till after asking on link about a second box, and that they are behind production but it should come soon.


I’m in Santa Cruz.I am excited


You can buy a separate box from beethinking.com directly that will match your flow box. And might be faster ordering it that way as well.


There’s a Lady named Ulli Bisono who is a member of the Flow Hive Optimists group on Facebook. She lives up the road in Half Moon Bay but she is a first-time beekeeper as well so may not be much help.


Do you have the wooden frames with your flow box, there should be 8 of them. You will need these in the hive when your bees arrive as they will begin building comb immediately. This is necessary if your bees are from a package. If you are receiving a Nuc then your bees should be on the way with some established comb, they will still need 3 or 4 frames to fill out the brood box.