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Power for Oxalic Acid Vaporizers


I know some use batteries and some use car jump-starters. These are questions for those that use the jump-starters.

  1. Which model/brand do you use?
  2. Pros or cons of what you have?
  3. Anything else you would like to add.




No cons at all
Fits in my pocket and easily does 8 hives for 3/4 minutes
Charge it after every use.
Quick check and sometimes need a half hour on charge before I go out if I haven’t used it for while

I’ve used it to start the Camper a couple of times too :wink:


Where in the world are you? If in the US, this is the one I have - very nice little machine, works well. :blush:


Edit: I forgot to mention that this jump starter comes with a great little case to keep everything together, tidy and dust-free. Really nice product.


I live in the US, but thought this would be a helpful topic to all - thanks for the input !


Thanks for the input !


I think you are right, but if I link a product that isn’t available in Australia, and that is where you are, I might need to rattle some other cages to get someone to help you. :smile:


I’ve been watching the jump starter recently, thanks to the tips above.If I buy or have a jump starter, i will do a review of it.


All - to “close the loop” - I bought this one: https://www.harborfreight.com/3-in-1-portable-power-pack-with-jump-starter-62306.html.

Harbor Freight almost always has a 20% off coupon you can find as well.

Haven’t used it to actually treat yet, but did a test run and it worked well for vaporizing the OA. It’s a little heavy, but I’m good with that for the price it cost.


Thanks, Brudda, I got a Centech 3 in one to use with my Scott Bee Farms V 17.03 Vaporizer. I did a test using 1/2 Teaspoon of Oxalic Acid and it ONLY took about 1 minute 30 seconds to completely Sublimate and go dry…which is a LOT faster than I was expecting. I love the Power Pack…a Bit heavy but sooo much better than lugging a deep cycle battery from my boat and taking it out and putting back in the boat after each use. This is dedicated and is Great. YES, I got 20% discount. Thanks for Posting the Link.


Glad to help - and 20% off always nice!


I bought one at Sam’s club of similar makeup. Works like a champ! I even used it to jumpstart my son’s car.