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Pre waxing your flow hives

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So are you assuming we would all want out Flow Hives waxed? I for one wouldn’t want mine waxed, in my sub-tropical climate 4 coats of exterior white paint keeps the hives cool and lasts for many years before a re-coat if painted properly. I would like your advice on how to paint a waxed hive and what paint you recommend that will cover bees wax?

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No I’m saying they should offer free of charge the option of either raw, waxed or painted

I can’t understand why Flow Hive should go to the added expense for no charge to the buyer as they have trouble keeping up stock for the demand for Flow Hives.
If your not happy with the price of a Flow Hive then your not obligated to buy them if you want to get into bee keeping, there are other options you could choose to a Flow Hive. Flow hive sell the product in raw timber and un-assembled – and most bee keepers are happy with them that way as by assembling and treating the timber we have the choice on how that is done. If your not happy doing it yourself then maybe bee keeping is not for you, gee I hope your not a troll.


You are a comedian. How can they offer a wax treated or painted product for the same price as raw material? Peter might be on to something by hoping you’re not a troll.

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This topic was recently covered under a slightly different title “Wax dipping your flow hives”.

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Lol chill buddy just saying for that most top end price, your like buying a BMW of bee hives so you should have all the bells and whistles at no extra cost that should come at that price point, just my opinion.

No matter how much flow forum members comment about the inferior queen excluders that Flow supplies, they still supply those “crappy” (as other forum members have described them) queen excluders with the BMW hives.

What chance do you think you’d have of convincing them to supply treated or painted timber at no extra cost? Many laughing emojis.

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It’s all good I was just putting it out their so that Flowhive would take into consideration the public’s concerns as to improving their product, and that’s why solely they now have a FLOWHIVE2 because of the public’s input and concerns, and setting up a waxing process in their factory would be no big deal as this a Standard procedure done the world over in 1000s of beehive manufacturing factories forever I’m not asking for anything special just the standard set already in the beekeeping industry.

Yeah well, from my observations the public’s concerns about the plastic QX’s have been ignored.

After being on this forum since the middle of 2015, you’re the only person from memory, who has voiced an opinion about the need for wax dipping the hives.