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Problem: Different Langstroth beehive height


Hi all,
I work with Langstroth beehives. I want to buy a set of flow frames to test them in a Langstroth beehive. However, I checked the tutorial to make compatible a Langstroth beehive for flowhives and there is only one thing that I dont understand:

In Spain, Langstroth beehive height is 240mm instead of 245mm. The problem is flow frames are 245mm height. Why is this difference? I thought that Langstroth is a standard and the same size around the World.

Thanks so much,


Langstroth deep boxes in the US vary between 9 1/2 and 9 5/8 inches. Not enough for the bees to care, but enough to make humans worry and argue. :wink:


Ok, thanks so much!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I think you can easily compensate for these 5mm with a strip of wood or so. That’s nothing to worry about :wink:


Yeah, it is not a problem for one or two boxes but imagine that I want big quantities. It is a extra effort. Thanks so much for the reply!!


If you need larger quantities, you’ll order them anyway. So there should be no big deal about having them built to the desired height.
Or you just buy the complete flow super instead.