Provap 110 with flowhive2

Just got a Provap 110 to treat for mites. Wondering where to drill the 1/4” hole on the backside of a Flowhive2. Anyone done this already?

Hi Bill, I haven’t used a provap but used to use a varrox wand, so assuming you’d be blocking the entrance for a period during treatment like you do with the wand, I wonder if it would work to make an entrance-closing wood piece and drill the hole in that?

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I have - I drilled it in the very center of the bottom box, which, in hindsight, was not the best place. I had to screw in a brass bushing to keep the hole from getting enlarged and damaged from the tube. Also, there should be some caution taken that the end of the tube does not press right up against a frame and cause back pressure.

The tube should fit into the entrance and you can make a wood block that holds the provap tube and simultaneously blocks the entrance or you can manually block the entrance with cloth or something.

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