Purchasing Bees Tasmania

Hi everyone,
Currently have just purchased my first flow hive and super stoked to be getting started. Does anyone know of or recommend a great buyer I can purchase my bee’s from?
Located in Tasmania, Australia.

Many thanks

Hi Bec,
Sourcing bees down here in Tassie can be quite challenging! I suggest you jump onto the website, Natural Beekeeping Tasmania, which is run by Ronnie Voight in Kingston. She does collect swarms when they are around the Greater Hobart area and runs classes, which are of great benefit to the novice. Not sure if she can help? Perhaps also put something out there on a Tasmanian Bee Social Media site(s) like Tasmanian Pollination Services etc as someone might be able to help you or, at least, point you in the right direction. Also, see if anyone collects swarms in your local area.
Good Luck