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Queen Laying Video


During a recent inspection, I was lucky enough to get a quick video of one of my queens laying. Enjoy!


We’re unable to watch the video. (No video with supported format and MIME type found.)


Very good. Did you time how long she took to finish laying?


It works with the Chrome browser, not sure about others.


It was just quick check so what I took a video of was all that I watched.


Went to Morayfield today and got 100 foundation. Easy enough to find at the almost bottom of the street and on the left. Same prices as Kingaroy and crediting/buying reclaimed wax. The girl running it knows the game and has 20 hives of her own.
The last lot of bees I had to put a super on, wall to wall bees, 6 1/2 frames of brood in a good pattern and the rest is full of honey and pollen. It is against a north facing brick wall protected from the cold winds.
Cheers mate.


It works on Mac book Pro