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Received Flow Frames


I received my flow frames to go in the super yesterday. As a note to people getting them, DO NOT BEND them!!! The frame will completely disintegrate, requiring re-assembly! Also, at my local beekeeper’s association meeting last night, someone found out that I had purchased a flow hive, and now the president wants me to give a presentation on how well and how it works in the future.

Happy Beekeeping!


Are you sure that the wires were tight enough? The frames can take some flexing without falling apart, unless the tension wires are too loose. They are easy to tighten, so let us know if you need help.


Your wire is too loose. Properly adjusted they are plenty sturdy. It’s easy to do. Check out the video.


So they came from the factory loose. Should I try to tighten all of them?


The factory had an issue with some wires being set a little loose. I suggest you watch the video first, then decide whether you want to do all of them. It is very easy to do.