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Regression question


I’ve gone through one brood cycle with a package of carnolians on HSC. OK to start introducing 1 or 2 frames of foundationless? The goal is all foundationless mediums in 8 frame boxes.


Hi Jane … Not sure that enough info for me. Are all you brood frames drawn … If so … Are they all drawn-out n with what: eggs n brood; eggs, larva n capped brood; capped brood, backfilling eggs, larva n capped brood. Are any of your frame foundationless ? Bee wise … How covered are your frames of gobs of bees ? This info would be more than helpful giving you help ! Changing out frames prematurely could set you back more than you really want. BTW … What is your general location n if you know how are your stores of honey, nectar n pollens. And is there a Strong Nectar flow presently ? Few good close in pics of hive n frames help too.

Maybe someone else is braver than me at giving advice on your limited info but don’t want you in problems. Hope you understand. Gerald


Move slowly with hive build up and of brood or suppers give the hive what they need to keep them happy if their working hard remove several frames and replace with empty keep them buzzzzzy. I did not split I added brood box and suppers. I am new at this but for six years I keep only one hive with many supers and two brood boxes.
My plan for my flow system is two deep brood boxes below one super above until full then add another super until full (honey). Then remove super and place flow system, and if need be a super above that. Work the bees not the flow system tend to the bee needs and your honey needs for family and friends. In the end all will be happy and if I do not add flow this then next I,m not in a hurry. But the bees will run the show. Inspection will tell you what needs to be done.


Thx. Looks like we pretty much share a “management” approach for the bees. My first priority is to provide a healthy colony environment. 2nd is enough stores to feed back honey and as little sugar as possible. 3rd is add the flow box, which is unlikely this first year. I may loan the flow box to an established keeper just for info/experience.

Inspected hive yesterday, one frame of deep foundationless nearly fully drawn, with a little capped brood. The other foundationless frame 2/ 3 drawn. 6 frames of bees and capped brood (9 frames in an 8 frame box, ala Bush). Added med super of HSC last week; queen in medium super during inspection.