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Replacement white bottom boards?


I need to replace the white bottom boards for our 2 hives and want to know where anyone has ordered from in the US that fits our Flow Hives? I have checked many major beekeeping supply websites and the corrugated replacement board sizes are all over the place, if they even give dimensions. I have greased both sides with Crisco to trap mites and they are now beyond cleaning. I would appreciate any advice on where to buy. Thank you!


You could use something like this from Home Depot (Store SKU #904705) - just cut to the size of the corflute slider in the Flow Hive.



As Tim says, I just cut my own. You can buy the coreflute sheets in Staples or Art supply stores too - they are used for making signs, especially those Real Estate Open House signs, so they are widely available across the US.

I cut mine with an art knife and a metal straight edge, but you could probably do it with scissors if you have a steady hand.


Also, wait for your local area’s next election… Take LOTS of signs… You’ll never need corflute again. :slight_smile:


Hi! Just wondering if someone knows the measurements of the corflute please? I don’t want to slide the corflute out of the hives due to cold weather here and need to cut some new ones. Thanks! :blush:


I get approx. 308.5mm wide X 475mm long. That was the original cedar Flow hive corflute.


Thanks Dan! My hives are 10 frame brood boxes. I should have specified this when I asked my question. I will get my tape measure out and check it against my super. Thanks again! :upside_down_face:


Hello out there! Does anyone happen to have the measurements for the corflute for a 7 frame flow hive please? Thanks! :honeybee::blossom: