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Restoring Old Bee Boxes

I started restoring some old unserviceable bee boxes. I found 27 boxes to restore. It’s amazing what you find once you sand the old paint off. I started off by punching all the gal nail heads in so as to not sand past the gal. Then I scorched all the paint, it comes off easier after that. Most of the boxes contain dry rot. Some might be only 5% of the wood, some a lot more, however I only found a few that were too far gone to repair. I got all the sanding done today. What a mess. I’m all ready to start repairs in the coming days.


Yet another reason to have a tea towel in your tool bag! :smile:

Seriously though, @JeffH, very nice job. :blush:


Hi Dawn, thanks. What a mess, I filled up nearly 2 10 litre buckets with dust. Then most of the front of the house needed a good hose down. The sanding’s the worse part. I still have to sand the varnish off the hoop pine I’m using for repairs because I want to copper naphthenate everything before I paint.


You have picked the right weather to do it, Too wet to be at the apiary mate. It is pouring up here with almost constant thunder and lightening. Has our wet season due in December finally arrived.:thinking:

Hi Peter, I agree & I think so. The heat’s not finished, with 3 day out of the next 7 to hit 31. Coupled with humidity. Anyway all of my good work is nice & dry.

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