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Rods little honey business nominated for local business award


I realise we don’t really push our little businesses here but my wife and I have been chosen as a finalist in a regional area of Sydney and we would love to have your vote. This means a lot to us in pushing local honey over big business and imported products. It will also give us some marketing tools to help get the word out about the bees, the importance of pollination and to support local. We sell honey, wax and candles through a local weekend market.

The bees are buzzing with excitement because Two Creeks Honey has been chosen as a finalist in the Better Business Awards 2018. Support your local bees and vote for Two Creeks Honey in the People’s Choice Awards. Nominations close Wednesday 6 June. Go online to http://www.bbp.org.au/Peoples-Choice-Awards-Vote-now.html and show some love for our bees!!! We’re under Lindfield businesses.


Already voted. Hope you guys win!


Good luck Rod. I voted too.


Glad to vote for you mate. Good luck, your a winner regardless of the results…


You get my vote for best moderator on the forum too Rod.


Yes I agree with Skeggley.


Thanks so much for your vote guys, it means a lot to us. Sure helps to have two of us sharing the workload as it’s certainly not big enough to give up my day job… Maybe one day. :grin:


I was wondering if you had another job while getting all these products so beautifully assembled.


Really appreciate the sentiments so far. My wife was interviewed on the local radio station yesterday with some other finalists. I think she needed more time, once you get started talking about bees its very hard to stop.


Soooooo, how’d all this go Rod?


Hey @skeggley,
Sure did go well… We took out the Winner of the Better Business Award for the north shore region of Sydney and were a finalist in the People’s Choice Awards… can’t thank everyone enough. It has been a little boost for our business and we are now stocking honey in a few shops and cafe’s around the district as well as our monthly market.