Saw Dust in the Tray

Hi there,

I checked the flowhive tray today and found these in both of them:

It looks like saw dust. I did some research but I am more confused now.

I will inspect the hives this weekend to see what is happening inside. Hopefully it is nothing serious.

Any idea what it is?



Hi @Roshi,

There was another discussion about the subject that may give some explanation.

Just to save you some effort, the last time we discussed this, with an almost identical photo, the conclusion was that they are anthers from a plant. Basically the plant’s pollen production structure. So your bees have been collecting pollen from plants with very fragile anthers. :wink:

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Thank you all so much for your help.

After inspecting both hives on the weekend, I found no reason to be concerned. they are healthy and I could not see any SHBs or other pests in there.
So, I also assume it must be anthers or something like that.