SBB vs SBB 🤔

That is how they came to this :rofl:

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Hey you two. Don’t judge us.

Mine was a present from a non tightass :slight_smile:

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And I haven’t spent a cent on extraction equipment :upside_down_face:

Plus… my dad gifted me the hives :rofl:

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I’m still using the 2 frame hand spinner I purchased 32 years ago second hand for a $100. The steam knife was given to me. I use the same spinner to harvest honey from 50 normal hives. If I had 50 flow hives, I’ve also purchased 50 sets of extracting equipment.


You make a valid point there Jeff. I don’t think Flow hives are made for professional beekeepers with 50 hives. They make zero economic sense.

They are perfect for dilettantes like myself that want to dab into beekeeping with one or two hives, and don’t have the space to store bulky spinners and are put off with washing said equipment from sticky goo.


Here is a study from NSW DPI that put some science into the debate of screened vs solid.


Adam Maskew. You are a learned man my friend. Thank you. That was the kind of answer I was hoping for and was wondering why such large scale experiments were not done.

If I understand correctly their screened bottom boards were used fully open without the slider and in a range of climatic conditions. I’m not familiar with NSW climates but I assume they covered fairly cold winters probably more severe than Perth’s.

I think I will just get rid of the corflute slider altogether and will eliminate the issue of debris accumulating on it and inviting pests such as wax moths.

I did infact had my hive without a slider on my first winter and didn’t notice any ill effects on the hive.

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@Beethoven, check this out…