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Scratch and Dent Special?

Has anyone purchase a Flow Hive 2+ Scratch and Dent special? I’d really be interested on how messed up the parts may be in a typical ‘Scratch and Dent’ hive. The $120 discount sounds really tempting.

I know it will probably vary quite a bit, but I’m wondering if it might have a few blemishes on a couple boards or they go to the other end of the spectrum and accumulate a whole bunch of bad parts and sell them as one messed up hive. :rofl:

The hybrid flow super that I bought scratch and dent looked no worse than after assembly than my FH2… couple dings and chips around the joints but that’s it but maybe that’s a testimony to my unskilled assembly.

I’m sure you’re right that it does vary but I think they are all 100% functional.

@Bianca can probably give you a better assessment.

@Bianca can you give me any input on this? Just curious if just a few of the pieces of the five with be scratch and dent or most of the pieces.

Also, do you sell any 8 frame brood supers discounted as scratch and dent?

@chau06 Thanks for your input. At least with your ordered it doesn’t sound like the hive was too beat up and from at least a short distance look as good as a full priced unit. That is pretty much what I am looking for. I figure if the wood wasn’t cedar I could fill and paint over any imperfections. With the nice looking cedar wood that I’m not planning on painting that might be a little more difficult.

I am confused by this question. Brood supers? According to most, a super is above the brood nest and is used to store excess honey. There should not be brood in it, especially if it is above a queen excluder. Do you mean a deep super, or just an extra brood box? These would actually be the same thing, as Flow hive brood boxes are Langstroth deeps, and the Flow super is also a modified Langstroth deep box.

Hope I haven’t confused you more, but just trying to clarify, so that you get the right help. :blush:

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I live in northern Michigan and plan to have an extra deep super, or extra brood/honey box, above the bottom brood super, below the queen excluder.

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Thank you for clarifying!. I know that Flow has had extra deeps in WRC (cedar wood) in the past. I am sure that @Bianca or @Freebee2 can help, or you could send an e-mail to info@honeyflow.com. When I have contacted them in the past, they have been very helpful within a day or two. I suggest that you say that you are asking about “8 frame WRC deep boxes” with scratch and dent, US delivery. Then they will know exactly what to look for! :wink:

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Hi @TAC (and thanks everyone for your great help on these questions, you’re all pretty much on the money),

For the S&D FH2, just like @chau06 explains, you can expect some minor blemishes and/or chips. Not all pieces are affected and if you’re anything like me, you won’t even notice the blemishes after it’s been oiled and positioned in the yard. At most though, you may be required to sand a finger joint or side panel a touch to make a piece fit, but if you’re capable and handy with this sort of stuff, it’s probably well worth the saving as it won’t cost you a huge amount of time (if any extra at all).

We don’t have our 8 frame deep boxes available as S&D in US. We’re actually super low in stock in cedar all over the world and don’t have S&D available in this product. You can see what we have in this range here.