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Sealing end grains

I received my araucaria flow hive sometime ago and was putting all together. Considering the price I’m not impressed with the fit of the joins.

To stop water ingress rotting the hive in the gaps, is timber preservative like this Tanalised Enseal, sprayed from the outside on the finger joins safe to use please?


All I do is apply 3 or 4 heavy coats of an exterior grade acrylic paint (water based) and I get around 8 years before it needs a repaint. Paint the outside and top and bottom edges where rain water can sit in the joints between the boxes. but leave the inside untreated. The bees will apply a wax coating on the inside.
Your not on your own about the poor fitting of the joints, Flows answer is it is to allow for expansion and contraction of the timber but the gaps vary and I’ve even seen boxes that couldn’t be assembled without so chisel work being done to get them together and then having to fill in the gaps, a 3mm gap in some places and none with others smacks of poor quality control in my opinion.
Welcome to the forum, some great folks here very happy to help you along.
Your profile say your in Au, a bit vague if you need to ask about something when climate is a factor, Darwin is a far cry from Hobart in climate so maybe edit that so we can help.

Take it up with Flows Customer service they will bend over backwards to fix any issues.

Lazer machine cut so the joints should be neat. I have the 7 frame Araucaria and my issue was matching the sides and ends. When I dismantled the boxes a few times and refitted they all came together tight.

Flow could do well with numbering and lettering the parts so you know what part fitted it’s sister part.

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@Hexagons sorry to hear you’ve had some issues with the alignment of your hive, please contact info@honeyflow.com for some support with this.

@HappyHibee thanks for the kind words! Great suggestion about numbering the parts, and this is something we are now doing. I’m sure it will help!