Should I Start A Hive at My Weekend Getaway? Lots of?

Hi. I know nothing about bee keeping, but I would like to get a Flow Hive for me and my wife. We have a small country property about 1.5 hours away that we go to at least every other weekend. Is that often enough to manage a hive, or must it be at least once a week?

Is the Flow Hive good for beginners, or should I be starting with something else (and less expensive), then add a Hive later on if we enjoy it? Or should I just get a Flow starter kit and go for it? As for the kit, it only come with a Classic hive. What would it take to upgrade the Classic to the 2+? Am I better off just buying the 2+ and buying the fogger and protective suit separately?

Hi & welcome to the forum. I think a good idea would be to find a local bee group, so you can maybe find someone who will let you join them while they work their bees. There ARE a lot of challenges associated with keeping bees, & it’s not for everyone. I don’t think that owning a flow hive makes the challenges disappear. A lot of people get into bees, even with flow hives, only to give it up 12 or 18 months later.

I was given one flow hive 12 months after a lady purchased bees from me. I have a second flow hive that someone asked me to take away almost 2 years ago, because he wanted to do some work adjacent to where the hive sits. I still haven’t heard from him. Maybe it’s mine now, only time will tell.