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Should only Flow brood supers be used with Flow hives?


I bought the flow hive via kick starter and now have received it. The weather is warming up and I am contacting my local bee group but wanted to know if it’s possible to mix langstroth brood boxes with flow hives? Part of my concern is the tilted base.


Absolutely you can use standard Langstroth boxes and supers with the Flow kit. The tilt doesn’t matter in the front/back direction, it only matters if it was side to side. In that case, bees can build crazy comb, especially if you are going foundationless.

I have Bee Thinking deep brood boxes and mediums to use with my Flow hive. If you need extras, you can order them from here:


I did. I bought the simple boxes last year from a manufacturer in my country. Normally langstroth should be langstroth all over the world, so it must fit. It will look different, but who cares? You will have to take care of the tilted base yourself. That should not be too difficult.