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Show location below profile picture


Lots of good information here but much is area specific. If would be really handy if we could see a poster’s location on the side next to their icon when reading suggestions, etc, to see how relevant it is for your own location.

Hive Numbers/Hive Numbers

It already shows this in any members profile who choose to display this information. It is information that individual users have to make available. I agree that it would be handy if it displayed this info under your user image or username on every post you made if you chose to share that information.


Would you mind telling me exactly where? I cannot find any such option in my profile preferences.


It looks like you have already filled out that portion of the profile. Here’s mine as well for reference.

To change it or delete it you click on the gear in your profile(upper right corner of the screen) then it will be in the body of the information like this.


Huh. Looks like a view setting on my part is missing. I do not see yours or anyone else’s location information below their icon - even when I click on them. When I click on yours, for example, I get the comment but not the location:


That is strange. It is possible that feature unlocks when you move from “basic user” to “member”, which happens naturally as you are more active, post, and reply. I will flag this so that one of the forum admin can confirm or deny…


Have you tried clicking twice? Once to bring up a banner, second time click on the image on the banner to take you to their “page”. The location info only appears after the second click.


Thanks! That does work. Still, I would like the site devs to consider having it appear in the thread feed below the icon without having to click. There’s a lot of empty white space there anyway. The two-click procedure takes me away from the thread forcing a third click to return. I know, quit whining. :slight_smile: Just a suggestion.


In doing a quick google search for the topic, it seems like it can be done but requires someone who knows what they are doing to tweak the forum code. So while possible it might not be feasible.


Basically it buried on this forum. As any advice is site specific it would be great if it was readily visible under the username.


I’ll check with the developers and see what they say


i totally agree with the suggestions.
one thing that would be good is if people from the US actually spells out their location. For example, PA means what? not everyone knows the abbreviations.


It’s a great idea, I also put my favorite Monty Python sketch on there.


Good news, squeaky wheels get greased !

There are a number of other firums on the discourse platform wanting the same feature and a pull request for the plugin has been requested and submitted and now we just wait until it gets written. And I figure out how to install it ; -)

So not now, and not right away, but eventually.

Dee has a clever workaround with an icon with the info. Cowgirl put it in the personal bio info.

That way it shows up on the user card that is seen when your icon is clicked.

Suggestion For All on this Forum

Is it possible to have a place, maybe next to one’s avatar, perhaps, to put the number of hives you have. It would be jolly useful information when replying to somebody’s question.


So would location. Hard to make a serious suggestion to a question if you don’t know where in the world the OP is located.


You could try your name, number of hives, area,
e.g. Dee 2 hives, Portalnd, USA

PS - I don’t know your info, this is just an example.


I see location as the most important. The number of hives is interesting but does not really mean much. Lots of newbees split and split so they can say they have xx hives which are weak whereas an experienced keeper may only have a couple of hives which they manage well.



It should be mandatory to have location next to a users name or icon so we don’t have to click on their profile to see it.

This way when someone posts, “my bees died!” and there next to their name or icon it reads “Antartica”, we can offer the probable cause of death lol.


Yep, I ignore pleas for advice if the location is not stated or easily found.