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Size and weight


Please help me with weight of package of full hive, length of pieces and number of pieces. Thanks.


@CharCoul Are you trying to ask the weights of a package of bees ?


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I think the question is: how much does the Full Flow Hive system weigh, number of pieces and measurements.


Isn’t there a shipping weight on the order form?
As far as packages go bees are sold by weight. The heavier the box the more bees you get.


There 2 boxes, and there are 4 pieces per box, 2 sides and a 1ea front/back. There is also a roof, bottom board, inner cover, queen excluder, 8 standard langstroth deep frames, and 6 Flow frames.

I couldn’t find an estimated shipping weight anywhere in my the information provided on the website or my order detail so you are a little out of luck there. I would guess it ships with a weight in the 10-15# range.

There are details to the size and dimensions of a deep langstroth box all over the internet and even this forum. Whip out the search feature or google to help yourself out with that question.


Have your ordered Flow Frames or a Flow Hive from us?

We arrange all the shipping through our own courier at a much cheaper rate, at up to half the price of sending normally.

Can you please email us with your order number or the email address you used when you first ordered so we can follow-up on your order and shipping for you.