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Size for Smith hive

hi all i am new to flow ,
whondering if i can get a flow supper to fit on top of a uk smith hive 46.5cm x 41,5cm ?

thanks steeve…

I’m not sure. It may pay to email flow direct with this question.

Yes I have too . but it takes a long time :rofl:

From what I have read, the Smith hive is a little shorter but the same width, compared with the British national (which is 14" x 12"). That is according to hive guru, Dave Cushman:


However, the dimensions you have given translate to 18.3" x 16.3". That is pretty close to the size of a 10-frame Langstroth box, which is 41.3cm x 50.5cm (19 7/8" x 16 1/4"). You would have a 4cm overhang of the flow super compared with your brood boxes. However, if you were willing, you could add a 2cm strip of wood to the upper outer short edges of the brood box to make a shelf and close the gap. So you could use a 10 frame Langstroth flow super on top.

My other thought is that the Langstroth frames may be oriented at 90 degrees to your current hive. How long are the top bars of your existing frames?

Thanks for info on this .I will go to plan b then and get one complete set up to see how it goes .

All the best stay safe :smiley:

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Maybe @Freebee2 can expedite answers to any questions that you may have e-mailed to info@honeyflow.com. They sometimes have elegant solutions unknown to us lowly beekeepers here…


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thanks dawn ,i am looking out for post man on my flow supper and will see how i can fix it up dont like #
wood work but i can do small jobs, if it looks bad my save and get a full kitted hive from flow …

I’m not super familiar with Smith Hives (pun not intended!) but I understand they are a little smaller than a Langstroth, which ours are designed to be used with. Here is a link to some more detailed sizing information so you can see if it looks close enough for you to work with - I expect you could make it work if your a bit handy with the tools.
Thanks for tagging me, hope you & your bees are well :slight_smile:

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