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Harvest in Dallas TX


Here is my harvesting. I learned a lot from this. I will have a much better setup next time.

My Biggest thanks to all on here for all your help and to the Flow Team for setting up this forum for us to support each other. And to the Great Father and Son that developed this great system to allow people like myself honeybee’s


You are amazing Marty! What a long way you have come. Thank you so much for sharing this, fabulous! :heart_eyes:


Lovely Video Marty - I adore your accent :blush:


Awesome video Marty! Your narration and your graciousness are wonderful. :slight_smile:


Accent, what accent :slight_smile: I can just hear you saying that too. Again thank you also for all your help you’ve been great to me


Great video Marty, thank you for your efforts😃 Cheers Tim


Marty what a lovely video!! Congratulations on your first harvest - and what an affirmation for me & other first time beekeepers who took the plunge because of Flow!

Thank you!!! :honeybee::two_hearts:


Eva, And all others, I am at lost for words. I just watched the video with Cedar and his father talking about the struggles and things that were going on in their life as they were developing the flow frames. They are an inspiration to me I truly was tearing up listening to him talk. And getting all the hugs from everyone on here is well is really making my heart feel good today. Thank you everyone

Just attaching the video that I was talking about with Cedar and his father if you have not seen it you should watch it.


I love this video too Marty! Watched it again since you attached it…really feels good to see success go to deserving people.


Nice job, Marty! I live in Dallas and started my package on 4/30. I added my second brood box on 7/23. As soon as the 2nd brood box gets drawn out, I’m planning to install the flow frames. Not sure it will happen this year. What was your timing between adding the 2nd brood box and the flow frames? Best Regards,John


:slight_smile: my girls did a great job.

March 12, in installed my NUC

2nd brood box April 22

Flow Frames added May 5th

Harvested July 14th

Bottle same day as harvest


Thanks for sharing, and the quick learning on the job. thanks.


Thanks Marty! I’ll be looking to add my flowframes at the end of August to see what happens