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Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia


Hi all, I’m based in the Jindabyne / Cooma area and am looking for a mentor, or other like minded bee people. I have two Flow hives and about to be buying bees in October. Facebook etc are great tools, but there is no substitute for face to face time. Anybody here from the area? Thanks, Olivier


No good to you as a mentor. One bit of advice though, start knitting bee socks early, its amazing how many you will need for a hive in winter :sunglasses::smile::grin::nerd_face:



I was down your way a couple of weeks back checking out the Flora around Jindabyne, Kiandra and Bombala, have to say its a very harsh environment for bees though a good rain in spring and summer could bring about some sensational honey flavours. Would you be prepared to move your hive/s? Winter sets in early (April/May) and will go for longer 4-5months. There would not be many permanent beekeepers about but I would suggest contacting the ACT Beekeepers, they may know someone in your area who can give you advice in keeping your bees alive over winter.



Thanks for taking the time to answer my cry of help.

Everything here is a challenge! I am placing the hives in the middle of my newly planted 50 tree Orchard (another 50 tree will be planted over the next 12 months) and additionally I am planting anything that flowers. I’m also undertaking a planting of 200 flowering gum trees (in two stages).

The ACT beekeepers are cool, but meeting are mid week and we are a 2 hours drive. We have a local beekeeper, who is selling his honey locally and he is not keen to share…

I was going to introduce two colonies this spring, but perhaps I start with one hive this spring and another next year?

Moving hives is not a problem…just need to know how or where to?.



Go for two hives if you can. Gives you an insurance policy.



I have always been a firm believer in a minimum of having two hives, they, combined, will give you messages if what you are doing is right if you find one hive falling off so you can try to figure out why; and the amount of extra time with a second hive is minimal in caring for them. Having bees will make you more aware of local conditions in what is flowering and it is a very rewarding interest.
The start up cost can be a bit expensive but the on-going costs are few. Bees will help with pollination in your orchard, that is using lateral thinking.
There is a lot of valuable help on the forum and a good bunch of bee keepers.