Beekeeping in the Snowy Mountains

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and to beekeeping in general.

I am keen to learn about keeping bees in the Cooma/Nimmitabel region given it can be so cold.

Would anyone have any advise a beginner in this region?


Really in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really get that cold compared to most of North America and Europe. You will have “flying weather” just about every week except maybe the coldest weeks in June and July.

However, you will want to touch base with some locals to know when your local nectar flows are - when they start and when they are done for the season. Like most places in North America, and probably a fair number of places in Australia that experience frosts/freezes, you will want to remove the flow super for a period in your winter.

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Hello and welcome. Cooma has a Facebook page for beekeepers. I’m in Bombala but I only got a colony a few weeks ago so I’m still very new also.
Good luck and have fun with your new hobby