Snowy Mountains NSW Australia

Hi there, anyone in or close to Jindabyne NSW? I’ve seen posts from a while back but with no recent activity.
I’m new to beekeeping and getting my first flow hive. Would be very keen to connect with a mentor in the area.
Thanks in advance, Sarah Anne

Welcome to the forum Sarah, I have done an ‘attention grabber’ on @OIivier and @Tdawson so hope they will get in contact with you. Been some time since eithy has been on the forum unfortunately.
I’m at the opposite end of the climate to you but had hives in the Hawkesbury that was too cold for me and used to truck them to Mudgee, Oberon and Bathurst at the first sign of Spring.
A tip for your climate I would reduce the entrance to about 100mm, actually I would have two entrances with that combined entrance. It will help to protect the brood from cold winds. This pic will show you what I’m meaning. I would also put a hive mat on top of the super frames to help retain the warmth in the hive as well.
Keep in touch and cheers

Thanks so much Peter. I’ve connected with another beekeeper in Cooma via Facebook. She has a flow hive and a traditional hive. I’m going to pop over and see her next week to chat and see her set up.

I watched a very handy video from the Flow Hive blog showing how to prepare the hive for winter. I’ll look into a hive mat, adding insulation in the roof looks to be a good idea also. I’ve picked the perfect morning sunny spot for the hive that is sheltered from the prevailing winds, so that will help. I’ll also look into winter flowers that I can plant to help with some foraging in colder times. We do have some beautiful winter blooms here.

I’m enjoying the research!

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Hi @Sarahanne
I’m in Cooma and have just relocated my 2 flow hives here from Sydney, they seem to be doing great and happy for you to pop over sometime and have a look. I’ve only had bees for 2 years so I’m a relative Newbie too.
Cheers Kim

Hi Kim,
Good to hear from you. I was in Cooma earlier this week meeting up with a lady called Maria. She has a Flow and a traditional hive. It was great to see her set up and her bees, already collecting pollen!

I’ll get in touch the next time I’m in Cooma as it’s always good to know people nearby. Maria was keen to connect with other bee keepers in the area also. Let me know and I can put you in touch as you are in the same town.
All the best
Sarah Anne

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Yes, I know Maria… we have a mutual friend I used to dog sit for. She wouldn’t know that I have bees though.

Hi @Sarahanne

Just came across your post and wondered if you had bees in Jindabyne?
We have just bought our first flowhive and live in the area so after any tips and meeting people close by.

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Hi Karla.
There are a growing number of us in the Jindabyne area! Welcome! We have a group on Facebook just search for ‘Snowy Mountains Bee Keepers’. I’m not on FB all that much so feel free to reach out to me here or PM me via messenger once you’re connected to the FB group.
My colony have been doing so well over winter and I haven’t needed to feed them. The days are almost consistently into double figures, despite -4 last night!, and with 22 degrees expected this week, it could be time for their first spring check.
Sarah Anne