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Central Coast 2 Flow hives for Sale. Tumbi Umbi

I got my first flow hive as kickstarter. My hive is stamped as such.
It was a 6 frame original flow hive. It has a second brood box.
I eventually got 8 frames for a langstoth hive. No problems putting the girls in there.
over the last two years I’ve broke my neck then my hip. So unfortunately. I cant do what I need to do. With all regret I’m happy to sell the hives. If you want pics let me know. They are bee hives. So they look the same. I’ll do that tomorrow.
Both hives are healthy. It it swarming season. I think you could split the big one without an issue. The smaller one I’d try it. I have other frames etc. You will get all my tools veils and original flow hive veil. Gloves etc. I may even be happy to go back to the one hive. Open for suggestions. We do have some beetle. I don’t think there is much you you can other than kill them when you see them. They are not affecting the hives. I’m in Tumbi umbi. Throw me an offer. Come and inspect… You will have to do deep diving sorry. I try a bit and run out of steam. There is lots of brace comb. Come and have a look. I have have not pulled any frames in 3-4 months. I have had the lids off. Just general looking about. I be sad to see them go. My neighbors love having them around.

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