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Some thoughts on Poor Joints


Hi Jack. Very interested to hear about tge dipping if wax. What’s the Rosin Gum you use? And what kind of proportions? I am not sure if wax dipping is suitable in the humidity of the far north coast.

I make a wood polish out of gum turps and bees wax for indoor furniture… it takes a few days to cure but works well. I would not use it for out door furniture.


Why wouldn’t you use it for outdoor furniture? Just wonder, because I used same mix on a wooden table on our verandah.
Just had a big hailstorm that drove rain onto same verandah and it just pearled off the table.


Well I thought it may not be tough enough and the recoat is very smelly and recoat would be required quite often. But possibly not?


I didn’t recoat it. But it had a coat of something on it before, it wasn’t bare wood. The wax is just extra protection and shine.


I have a raw white beech table top a friend made me & I coated it many years ago, I put on about 10 coats in the first instance, it looked great. I’ve had it gor about 20 years now (inside) and it still looks great.


I reas about tung oil today, some suppliers say that it wears in the direct sun ie it can’t cope with UV light. My hives get the morning sun. I don’t think it will work. However it should work on indoor foorframes!