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South Australian Flowbees


I have four flow hives- and my brother and mother another one each. All of them are running off one brood box- except for my long hive which is around a brood and a half. there is absolutely no problem running a flow hive in Adelaide off of a single brood box. All our hives are wintering well- and in fact the bees are out almost every day bringing in loads of pollen. This year we also left our flow frames on over winter and so far this seems to have been no problem- though you do need to keep an eye on ventilation (coreflute in bottom slot and/or top ventilation of some sort).

This season I plan to experiment with adding an ideal half brood box to run a brood and a half on a few hives to see if it’s more productive.

You can read about my mothers flow hive at Semaphore here:


I bet it will be. Our double brood hives were almost scarily strong this season. Nice situation to be in if we lose a hive over winter, as we can probably get a split going long before we could get a package or a nucleus. If we don’t lose any hives, it would be nice to help pay for our hobby by selling a nucleus. :smile:


it would be nice to help pay for our hobby by selling a nucleus

@Dawn_SD that’s my thinking and why I’m considering a second deep for my brood (in Perth, not Adelaide) this coming season.


Where did the time go?!! It’s been a couple of years since I posted here! Now I have a couple of flow hives that produced well over the spring/summer season of Oct 2016-May2017. I’ve built over 2 dozen flow hives now and love the way the bees take to them when the hives are prepared right. I also manage about 25 flow hives for a couple of clients nearby. I’m working on a honey collection kit that makes harvesting honey in bulk simple, easy, clean and fast. if you’re interested in checking out the honey collection kit message me. If you want a hand with anything bee/flow related message me, cheers.


You have come a long way Mick, well done… love to see some pics of your honey collection kit. How does it work? I only have one Flow hive (an adapted 10 frame hive) but have a couple of dozen hives spread around Sydney. Always interested in the engenuity of beekeepers.



Hi There, I am new to the bee thing and have ordered a flow hive2 set up . I would be keen to get a nucleus from you when I have my hive. I am in Mc Laren Vale