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Spare parts for Flow Hive NOT available


I am an experienced beekeeper of 50 years experience and my wife bought me a Flow Hive which I have assembled.
As small hive beetle is a major problem, I asked whether the tray in Flow Hive 2 could be purchased, I was told it could not be retrofitted.
I then looked on the flow hive site to see if I could buy any spare parts to the hive, and it appears I cannot. I can buy an single part of standard 8 or 10 frame hive.
This is like buying a car, but if some part needs replacing, I would need to buy a new car.
Equipment manufacturers are usually required to backup their product by supplying spare parts.
What happens if any part of the hive is damaged?


Hi Ross. I don’t think flow hive 2 has been delivered to anybody yet.
Let the dust settle a bit. I am sure there are a few people looking to upgrade their flow hive 1 with flow hive 2 parts.
The flow people are good to communicate with and with negotiation, one can indeed purchase single hive components.
Just wait till Flow Hive 2 is delivered, then ask again.


@westy Having been thru the process with the Flow Hive original product I will say that the Flow team has learned major lessons from the first go round. Weeks ago they announced the next version and have already shipped containers with the Flow Hive 2 orders headed to the US. My gut has told me that they will not have the manufacturing and stock on hand issues like they did the first time. If I had to guess I would say it would be probably August/September until there would be parts available to order just the bottom board assembly with the tray. This company does listen to its customers and you can see it on the newest version.

To answer your question regarding damages I had a problem with the roof when I received it. I completed a support ticket and the part was replaced and shipped within a day or two. I am sure if you really want to have the tray like they have built into the flow hive 2 it could be replicated. There are some very good wood crafters on this forum as well as in almost everyones neighborhood.


Hi Ross,

The Flow Hive 2 has a different bottom board, so it does not fit the Flow Hive Classic, because there are slightly different dimensions. Flow is trying to get spare parts, and upgrades to match the Flow Hive 2 as quick as they can, but at the moment, the focus is getting the complete Flow Hive 2 packages out to customers for this coming Spring.
You can, however, get spare parts for your Flow Hive Classic if anything is damaged, etc.
The basic spare parts we have at this stage are available on our spare parts page:

If you want to build a simple SHB trap on your corefulte slider, there are some very simple instructions on our forum, and also on our website.
I personally like this one:

To see other suggesitions:

This is the one Cedar made:

If you need any spare parts for your Flow Hive, you can email customer support with your order number, and they will organise a replacement part for you.

I hope that helps :slight_smile: