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Order flow frame spare parts


How do I acquire spare collection tubes, trough caps, and operation slot caps?


Hi Bill, I do not believe that these items are for sale at the moment but will pass it along to the Flow team for comment as I can see a time when they may be needed.


This is an interesting question @Bill1942 . I asked about getting a roof when I realised that none of mine would fit on top of a flow box and was told that they are not selling them separately.

Parts will definitely go missing and need replacing. I have a few of the little tube caps that constantly fall out…

Also, and this is quite weird, I have different size and different colour flow frames (two and a half sets). The first ones I got are quite a dark yellow and about 5mm longer than the last lot, which are almost white (plastic). These are not compatible in the same super because the little plastic ‘shoulders’ or spacers don’t meet and slip behind each other, giving bees potential space to escape, or no bee-space between frames.