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Standard of Good Honey


Each batch of Miyuan honey has to go through multiple detection gates, such as self-inspection, national standard detection and international mutual recognition of spectrum detection.
From the Collecting - Extractor - Filtration - Filling - test analysis
Strict control of each step to ensure food safety from beehive to table


Sure. Detection gates are insufficient and too easy to bypass.
Nobody I know trusts Chinese standards of honey.
I suggest you keep that goodness in your own country, so China doesn’t need to import Australian honey.

Can the flow forum help you with any issue with your genuine flow hives?


Sure,China import honey from other country, to enlarge honey flavor taste. Like Germany, USA, also import honey from other country even they produce honey and export overseas themselves.
Now honey also have international standards, this will help importer know honey quality. There are lots of entrepreneurs fighting to make good Chinese honey.
Hope learn more knowledge from flow forum.