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What type of insect is this?

Hi all, although not a bee I was wondering if anyone knows what this insect is. I’m fairly sure it’s a fly but cannot find it googling.
It is about +20mm long, hovers and is apparently tyred on this warm day.
The March flys are out which is why I noticed it.

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Doesn’t look like a fly… but this looks similar but more of a fly…

It could be a drone fly. Eristalis tenax



This thing was huge, I mean huuuuge. I have seen them before and it appears to only have one set of wings so that’s why I think fly. I was hoping there was a budding entomologist among us. While googling for its make and model I saw that there were many new species still being identified and as I couldn’t find it anywhere…
I saw what seemed like plague proportions of hover fly this spring up here I was thinking it was a sign and I’m sure it was just I don’t know what!

Very interesting! I had one of these “protecting” one of my hives this week (it was the only thing buzzing around me each time I came near the hive… the bees were relaxed but this guy was super cranky !?!) and was wondering what it was. I am in Brisbane, AU. I googled it, but didn’t find an answer. Hopefully someone knows.

It could well be a giant horse fly with really defined yellow spots.