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Strange V groove in flow frame

Hey team,

Wondering if anyone else has seen this strange V shaped groove in the flow frame before and why the bees would leave a section like this with no honey inside?

The adjacent frame was flat and capped and there was no sign of anything protruding to make that bees create this groove.

Not a real worry but more curious than anything.


My guess is that they just haven’t finished drawing out that column. Unwaxed Flow frames have that groovy appearance. The bees draw them out to flat surface as they fill them. The top of the column looks flat, so the cells are properly aligned. Unusual, but shouldn’t be a problem. :wink:


They started filling the top part of the groove, maybe they were working their way down.

The only issue I see with that frame is the wet caps which could flood outside the comb, onto the brood when you harvest the honey. That’s only my opinion.

PS. My mentor took one look at that frame & suggests to harvest the honey away from the hive. She said “it’ll flood!!!”.

Slowly push the key in the bottom slot through to that point in the frame and see if it catches on the underside, if it does the cells are not quite closed at that point.
Did you operate the cells open and close before installing them?
It can look a little deceiving from a photo.
Good luck.

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Thanks for that advice. We harvested from the frame with no leakages so should be good to go now. Will be interesting to see if it happens again.