Survey results are in!

Thank you to all those who participated in our recent forum survey.

We’ve received great feedback and will be implementing some improvements over the coming weeks.

The general consensus from our community is that most would like to continue visiting the Flow Forum for Flow specific beekeeping advice and product support, with more moderation on the platform and more input from the Flow team.

We’re really pleased to hear that so many of you value the forum and are excited to continue contributing and helping to create a safe and knowledgeable space for newbees where they can receive support and education.

Congratulations to “Brientim” who is the lucky winner of a $100 voucher for completing our forum survey.

Please feel free to send us an email or PM if you’d like to share any further feedback - we’re always here to listen.

Some better organization and consolidation of common topics and threads and the presence to point repeat questions to the right thread would be a good activity for the moderators.

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Thanks for the suggestion Alok and yes this is on our list! :slight_smile: