Swarm in Kenwick (West Aust)

A work colleague has just indicated a family member has a swarm that has taken up residence under a house in Kenwick (I’m guessing it is an older house on stumps) and they want it taken away. Apparently it has been there at least a few weeks (if not longer) so it would seem to have a viable queen. If anyone wants to collect it I could put you in contact. Please send me a private message with your details, or post a reply of interest and I will send you a private message.


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A year ago I’d have jumped at this oportunity. Currently I’m out of equipment and stands and on the weekend I was asked if I can remove some bees from up the road… Word is out that I’m one of those crazy bee keepers.
If somebody wants a hand to do the removal…
Maybe I am a little crazy.


Seconded! :smile: But you are also a great bloke, so people are going to come to you for help. :blush:


Put it up on www.swarmpatrol.com there will always be someone in the area to take it away.