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West Aussie swarm captures

Ok so I’ll start a new thread for us west Aussie folk with our swarm captures and more. :grinning:
Being in the best state for keeping bees without all those pesky pests we should show off our… Well brag about our fortunes. :wink:
I’m a member of several WA bookface sites and am blown away by the amount of swarms and captures around the Perth area and this arvo I got a swarm call for help.

Like I need any more bees!
They were in a friends rental and needed removing one way or another. The tenant was great and loved the bees but with summer coming the swarm had to go so they could comfortably use the area.
20 minutes after arriving…

Too easy, beautiful, friendly bees, no stings, barely even a hint of aggression. Unlike my past captures…
Anyway I don’t need any more bees but due to the placidness (yeah I can make up words) I’d like to keep these but have other colonys that need to make way for these.
Anyone need around here like to buy some bees? I know it’s swarm season and bees are there are plenty of colonys around at the moment for sale but if any Flowers, no not flowers, Flow’ers need some bees let me know.

West Aussies share your swarm capture adventures here, let’s show the world our fortune. :wink:


Love the way the bees just walk into the box!!

A few of mine from a bit further south than Perth in the greater Bunbury area. The one with comb was from a swarm that had moved into an old lounge chair on a back patio for day or two.




Nice work Adam. :+1:

Mine did the bolt the next day at about 3 o’clock. :frowning: I had an old brood frame and a couple of old honey comb frames in the hive. Can’t beat a frame of brood.
Always learning.


I’m in SA and caught 10 swarms so far this year. I had decided to stop- enough bees- but I got a call two days ago for a sad swarm that was just sitting in the grass. Apparently they spent 3 days in a near by tree then two days in the lawn- they were quite lethargic and some had burrowed right into the lawn… they had bad weather too during that period. I decided to save them. They marched into the hive in 5 minutes!

I’m wondering why they were in such a bad spot- seems likely the queen couldn’t fly for some reason? I’ve fed them up and they are now doing well.


The queen probably just fell out of the tree and the rest joined her!

I’m following this thread because I lived in Rockingham for five years and love the place. Keep up the good work people… it’s quite addictive catching swarms.

(sounds like Rotnest is the place to go for the best bees… would be cool to catch some swarms out there!)

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