Swarm trap and drone bees


I have a swarm trap set up and I have noticed several drones around the entrance and also entering the swarm trap. Do drones visit swarm traps?
There is a lot of bee activity going in and out but I do not see pollen being brought in.
I think it is important to disclose that I used “heavy waxed” deep frames in this swarm box. The activity may be bees robbing the wax off of the frames??

You might have a colony inside that swarm trap. If so, it takes a few days for bees in a new hive to start bringing in pollen. They start building the comb first. Once the queen is able to start laying eggs & there are cells for the bees to be able to store pollen, that’s when they’ll start collecting it, in my view.

I have never heard of, or seen bees taking wax back to a hive. I’ve seen them collecting preused propolis, but not wax.


I totally agree with @JeffH Even in a robbing situation I have never heard of bees removing wax. I suspect you have the makings of a new colony in the trap. If that is the situation it would be a good move to internally feed the colony with a 50/50 sugar/water to help them in wax production.
Don’t over stress the colony with too many check-ups till the colony is established in their new home, even lifting the roof off for a visual look sets the colony backwards.
Cheers Peter

agree Jeff- when I started out someome said to leave scraps of burr comb beside hives so the bees can ‘re-use’ it. I did that and never once saw them take any. They are attracted to it a bit- but they never take it. On the other hand: I have seen bees all over collecting propolis, wherever the find it- the other day they were collecting the tar off my smoker spout. One thing though: bees do collect the wax from my wax dipped hive bodies when it seeps out or little droplets are left on the surface after dipping- but that is mixed with gum rosin and I believe the bees see it as a good source of potential propolis. I have seen them do that often- collecting it on their legs like pollen.

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Thank you so much for the feedback. Will give it a few days and check on it again:)


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Thank you so much for the advice. It turned out that I had a swarm move in. This is my 1st year with bees, and 1st year placing swarm traps. I placed 6 in the beginning of June, and have now brought home my second swarm. I know it is typically not this easy in upstate New York and I am being spoiled!

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