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Bees taking wax from a swarm trap

Several bees are showing signs of ‘house hunting’ in a couple of swarm traps I’ve put on trees hoping to catch some bees soon. I’ve painted the boxes inside and out with melted wax and put a few drops f lemongrass oil inside on a q-tip. The bees buzz back and forth in front of the entrance, all around the boxes as if measuring up, walk in and out, sometimes with a high pitched whining noise inside for up to minutes at a time. Occasionally one bee will have an argument with other bees in the box. It looks territorial. This has been going on for days. It started with one bee apparently chewing wax off the sides of the box along with the other behaviours, then progressed to several bees doing the same thing. The bees transfer the wax pieces to their leg baskets and fly in the direction of wild hives high up in some old gum trees nearby. Why are they doing this? Are they cleaning the boxes before the swarm moves in? Is wax a useful resource? I read somewhere that it’s less efficient by far for a bee to reuse wax, so why would they be removing it?