Order Completion - Frames?

For those of us in the USA who have already received nine bodies, when should we expect to receive frames?

Thank you.

Wondering the same thing. I’m getting worried. The hive arrived in December, but not much use without the frames (which is what we really wanted most).

We are in the same spot. Received the hive. No frames.

Everyone …
Did you get wood frames for the lower brood box ? If so your good to go ! Get your bees. Not having those Flow-frame isn’t the end of beekeeping yet … Even if you have to add one medium or deep super (8 Frame) before you Flow frame you are started n on you great beekeeping journey !

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I’m guessing with the factory being offline for a bit with problems the shipping got behind. That should change as they get up n going again !

We also have the hive, but no Flow Frames yet (in California). I’m not worried right now. First we have to build the hive, then we have to get the bees (which I believe are available in April where I am). It will take a while before the bees fill the brood box. We won’t need the Flow super for a quite a number of months.

Hi Geri,

I am in southern California. Do you have a supplier of bees in mind? I am only asking because many of the suppliers local to me have already run out of nucleus colonies of bees for this spring. I ordered mine in November, and even then, I could only get an April delivery - March was sold out.

I expect package bees will still be available, but even if that was your intent, I would get your name on a list now. :wink:


Geri, Dawn is correct. I am up in Washington State n got my order in last November for mid April delivery. The later your order is sent in the later delivery for your Nuc’s ! Gets too late the supply runs out or not enough time for a new colony to establish for winter. I’d get with the PLAN n order ASAP (Fast). Good lucky n enjoy the journey ! I’m taking a beekeeping class today. I’m ready … Bring on the Bees !

Excited in Washington State,

I’m either going to wait for a swarm to take root in this apt complex or go looking. Almost ready with my gear to easily collect them…

I’m hoping my new “Des Res” Flow Hive will keep my girls to the manner in which I would like to be kept - Nothing but the best LOL

I received my boxes back in early december, very excited, they were preceded by an email informing me they were on their way. Nothing at all since then about the frames.

I received my hive in December as well. No word on anything since then about the frames.

Just curious about how many other folks who received their hives in December are still waiting or have already received their frames? Initially I heard through others on this site that the frames are usually right behind the hives in arriving by a week or two. It has been over a month and I have heard absolutely nothing as far as a status update or anything. Just curious as to others experiences.

No frames here. Online account says something was shipped on January 11, but when I click on hyperlink for tracking info, it takes me back into December 2015. Sent an email to the founders address but haven’t heard back yet. I, like others, just want to know what the scheduling is. I think at times flow is their own worst enemy with their spotty and cryptic info they release.

Just getting some type of response and a timeline would be huge!

I received an email from them after repeated complaints - (since they see no reason not to take further orders) asking when I would get the rest of my hive. it is now being schedule (at least in theory) for end of February. not indicated in order information on my account, however.

This is the reply that I finally received today February 1st 2016 -

Thank you for getting in touch. I am sorry to hear you have had some trouble reaching us.

Our Flow Frame deliveries are currently shipping now and will be processed in four stages between now and early February 2016.

I am very sorry for the delay on these, we had a few hiccups with our manufacturing process.

Being processed between now and early February? Interesting response.