Late order, no response to email or costumer service page

My wife and I order a flow hive in 2/25/2015 paid in full, order number 10127666. We have not received our internal flow hive sections. As it still is winter in Indiana (US) we still have to order our bees very soon, but fear our hive won’t be complete in time. The original order timing was to be 11/2015, as we are well into January with no confirmed date as to when we will receive them. All it says in our order information page is partial shipment. Can you please help? We have emailed, and sent messages in the costumer service page.

Thank you
Bryan and Amanda

Hi Bryan and Amanda,

I am sure that Faroe or someone from the Flow team will address your question, but I have a couple of questions for you. :wink:

  1. What kind of bee shipment are you going to order? This will partly determine how quickly they outgrow their brood box space. If you buy a package, they are starting from zero, and it may take several months to fill one deep box. If you are buying a 5 frame nucleus, it will take much less time, maybe only a couple of weeks if they are a strong colony.
  2. How many deeps do your local beekeepers use during nectar flow? (If you don’t know, I suggest joining a local beekeeping club - they can be extremely helpful) If everyone else uses 2 deeps for brood, then puts traditional honey supers on top of those, you will want to do the same with your Flow hive. If that is the case, and you are starting with package bees, you may not even need your Flow frames this season, because you will be growing your colony strong enough to survive a harvest.

I still understand that you need to know what is happening with your frames, but I just wanted to give you another perspective to help give your bees a really good start.

Hi Bryan and Amanda,

In beekeeping its more than wise to hive a backup plan n a few extra parts. I am sure you will get some action because Flow-Hive tries to monitor these inquires n question too.

As Dawn has mentioned also check with your local clubs n/or beekeeper. Many regions use/require an extra hive body to help winter over their colonies. Our here in Washington State (milder than your region) it is normal to use two deep hive bodies. It might be wise to look into this and order an extra 8 frame (with the deep frames n foundation if your going to use it) hive body. And if you are serious at starting get your package (Usually 3 pounder) or a Nuc ordered. Have an extra bottom board, inner n out top not a bad idea unless you can quickly get help from a local beekeeper you know. Better to have your own. Having these extras around will keep the pressure off you n give you that needed early GO !

I am excited for you … Also find a local Beekeeping class, buy a good book or two, n also checkout the many online You-Tube vids if you haven’t done so yet. This is an amazing hobby. Others may add to this thread with thots n ideas as well.

Enjoy n bee blessed,

PS I am assembling a full extra hive more than I need for emergency back up parts n hive. It’s the old Scouts motto: “be prepared !”

@Bfortner Please use this link to email the team, Thank you

Good job. A rule of thumb is to have double the kit you are actually using

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So true @Dawn_SD. I am starting up beekeeping after 55 years away. I am buying 3 Five frame Nuc’s for my reintroduction to the hobby. From past experience I found having extra equipment not only good idea but neccessary many times. I kept my dad busy cut out n getting extra hives ready in standby. I am buying few things to give me patterns n doing my owned as time n patiences allow me. I’ve got a lot of wood so trying to use that up some. Mostly pine but have mahogany, beech n ash, etc too.

I have four full hive setups ready n a fifth in the cutout stage. I’ve also built two 5 frame Nuc bodies for future swarm capture if needed for next year. I believe equipment wise I am prepped. Now studying n taking classes on new problems I did not encounter in the 1950’s n 60’s.

Thanks for the note.


I have also received the main unit, but none of the internal flow hive sections. I sent an e-mail last week, but have not yet heard anything. Let me know once they get in contact with you. I will also try and monitor this forum.

I also contributed to their kickstarter and have only received a partial order so far. I’ve received the hive but no frames. I’ve tried emailing bur no response.