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The Mason Jar Hive

Good day. While researching The HoneyFlow hive and easier honey extracting methods, I kept bumping into the Mason Jar Hive. I kept dismissing it as a joke.

I did however find rave reviews of this hive system, and made me stop for a closer look. It is indeed so simple and brilliant, it is genius. If only it works, and you like comb honey. Which I’m not a big fan of. If it does work it can be a great addition alongside a HoneyFlow hive for comb honey and easy harvesting.

It is so simple you can easily make one without buying any extra expensive equipment.

The bees build honey comb direct into mason jars so harvesting is as easy as lifting the jar and screw in the lid. Slap a label and you have a product to sell or gift.

Does anyone here had a go at the mason jar hive and have some feedback? I am still sceptical and can see a lot of problems with this.



really interesting concept

In less than 24 hours, and I already may be in a bit of strife. I just read the letter by Busso, and it now occurred to me that probably it wasn’t a good idea to ask a question about a possible competing product to the HoneyFlow hive.

I do apologise for this and ask the forum gods to quietly delete my enquiry.

At my age, blunders like this do happen more often than I like. Sorry.


I wouldnt see this as a competing product, just more as a curiousity. I don’t believe its a good environment for the bees either and might be conducive to swarming.
I suppose “chunk honey” would be the nearest equivalent traditional product and when making that the beekeeper does ensure the comb is clean, free of bee parts etc before adding it to the jar, which cant be ensured in the mason jar version.

Those were exactly my thoughts too Jim. I also think the bees find some difficulty drying and ripening honey in those jars.

The good reviews baffle me.

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I don’t see that as a problem at all (I am not a moderator, though). Whenever I have read anything about other hives on this forum, Flow has been very positive, as long as they are not rip-off Chinese Flow frame copies. I am sure @Freebee2 would support this too. The more we all learn about bees together, the better it is for everyone.

We are all individuals and like different types of honey, ways of beekeeping etc. I have seen the mason jar method, but I don’t like comb or chunk honey all that much, so I have never used it. I enjoy liquid honey and love to use it in cooking. Comb honey is not so convenient for that.

So don’t worry, keep posting interesting things, and smile! :blush:


Thank you Dawn, once again. I am relieved. The letter is now apparently gone and may have been withdrawn by the author, or I misread.

I do not find comb honey that much appealing either, and when ever I tried it I found it strange. It is an acquired taste. Whenever I gave comb honey, everyone says how much they loved it, but I think it is out of respect. So I keep giving them more the next year. :slight_smile:

Consuming the comb honey out of those jars may be a bit challenging, if not off putting according to my wife.


Thanks forum members for the courtesy and consideration. @oldplop we don’t have a problem with this post. Naturally, given that this is a Flow forum, we will ideally be focused for the most part on Flow beekeeping. However, this hive seems a bit of a curiosity or novelty and I was interested to read about it too. Cheers

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