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The Real Cost Of FlowHive


Now the scene has calmed a bit lets look at the cost and how cheap the woodwork is with FlowHive.
A standard 6 Flow frame set costs $us 389
A standard 6 Flow frame Super (8 frame Lang) costs $us 469
So we see the actual 8 frame cedar Langsroth box is valued at just $us 80 which includes observation widows. Sure you can pick up a cedar for around $50 or pine $20 but the cedar has to be modified and with Flow Frames the lid needs to be slightly modified. With pine you have to spend a lot of time on preservation as well as modification.

A complete FlowHive costs $us 699
As above the Flow Fame set of 6 costs $us 389
So for $us210 you get 2X 8 frame Langstroth boxs, one set of standard frames, a base, roof, inner cover and bottom screen.

If you think the woodwork is expensive, then by all means go out and buy your cedar or pine boxes, of which one will have to be modified to accept the flow frames and then tell me when the whole hive is finished…Was it was worth it? Not for this little ducky anyway.

If you like making and tinkering then that’s another story. Cost is rarely a factor. It is the achievement, pride and therapeutic factors which overrides cost ,with in bound of course.


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It looks like the price has gone up Busso.
The Aus price is over $250 just for a pine super with all the cut outs. I’d like more flow frames but they are not really priced for the average Joe unfortunately.
Hopefully Flow will have some specials in the future and put the flows within reach of us mere mortals…


I just took the figures from the US site as most of the flack was in US dollars.
Got a hord (well 15 anyway) of family arriving for lunch so I will look at that tonight or tomorrow sometime.


I hope they tasted nice… :imp:


Thank you very much… you will keep.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: