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Upgrading to a premium Flow hive


YWow, is anyone keen to upgrade? I’m hoping to as soon as they are available as they look like such a work of art. I love the fact that the Flow hives are also observation hives. I have a bee box right outside me bedroom window and it provides hours of joy and an intoxicating scent in the house when they are on a nectar flow. I’d even be tempted to bring this one inside with a bee escape to the outside.

Upgrade options

I don’t like those weird shaped windows, and am disappointed there will be no dovetailing on the other items. This is art that will probably have to pass me by. Enjoy yours, though!


The ability to view the hive, without the need to modify it, is attractive.

For me the decision to upgrade or not will come down to price. As I’m pretty handy with the tools, it will depend on the cost comparison and time, between doing it myself or getting the upgrade.

If you don’t have the tools, materials and skills to ‘upgrade’ your own hive, then purchasing the upgrade option looks pretty good if your a bee voyeur!


I just noticed that there are 7 flows in the premium, as compared to 6 in the full.


7 flows fit in the Langstroth 10 box and the 6 I believe fit the 8.


thank you, I saw the same thing and being such a newbie I did not know even how to ask the question.


Im anxiously waiting a price for the premium hive. Any guesses as to how much they will cost?


Here’s my guess!
Based on this…

  • 1 x Extra Flow Frame USD$60-$70/frame at Indiegogo launch (Flow Light $180 for 3 frames only, or Flow Light 4 frames no box $280) - post Indie guestimate = USD$75-$90 / frame

  • Flow Box on Indiegogo USD$60

Custom build boxes guess = USD$120 Super + USD$80 Brood = $USD$200

Now take away the Cost of the Complete Flow, and the balance is the possible ‘upgrade’ cost, just my gusss…

Therefore I guess it will be about USD$150 to $175 extra to ‘upgrade’ ???

I hope it’s lots less than that!


I am a bit confused about what I have ordered now?

Does the complete flow hive come with observation window at the side as shown in the videos or is this now an upgrade that we have to pay extra for?


We are just finalising what we will be offering as the standard hive, you may not want to upgrade, we’ll keep you posted.


Now Jake,

That is just teasing…

tsk tsk tsk…

; -)