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Time for a second brood box?

Here are some pictures of today of my frames, I’ve read on here that you want all your frames to be full but does that mean capped brood full or just full of colm?
They are building burr colm on top of the frames and the underside of the top cover below the round hole that I have a rock over so they cannot get into the roof is why I’m wondering if they need more space?
If I do add a second brood box all I have is an 8 frame foundationless Brood box…( I read so many conflicting things whether to use foundationless or not that I don’t know what to do…
The foundationless frames have a comb guide that gets glued into the top of each frame I’m guessing to give them somewhere to start to build in the center, but there are holes in the sides of these frames that look like they could be converted into a foundation type but I don’t know how to build that?


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Don’t let others person ideas get in the way here ! Looking at your pix’s n frames … whether you use foundationless, plastic foundation or wax foundation … brother Matt ! You need to get your second box on ASAP/NOW !

Your bees will hit a place where they will feel the urge to Swarm. So make your personal choice (none are wrong) n give your colony more room today or ASAP !

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:,


Okay tomorrow is supposed to rain so possibly Tuesday I will add the second brood box. I’ve been hesitant to add it because people say that you don’t want to add one when it’s not full and or a weak hive.

Changed my mind got to do it today, before t storms tomorrow…

That hive certainly needs another box. When you put the new one on honeycomb the frames by putting two full frames in the centre of the top box and two empties on each side of the brood box. That gets them up into the new box.


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Well I already did it and did not do it that way I’ll have to change it in the next couple days to be honeycomb that way…
Thanks for the tip, Matt

Hi Matt, do you use spell check? If so, did it underline the word “colm”? It’s actually “comb”. The bees build on comb not colm.

There’s a lot of beekeeping words that spell check doesn’t recognize. Propolis for example.

Actually this thread is a defining moment for me personally. When you say “I read so many conflicting things whether to use foundationless or not that I don’t know what to do”, makes me realize that I spent a lot of time adding to that confusion. Time that would be better served doing something else. It’s time for me to stop adding to the confusion.

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Besides that I need to be able to identify the best kind of frame to move up in the top I would think so anyways( worker bee comb) right?

I wouldn’t think I’d want to move a frame that has nothing but drone comb up there and multiply my already problem with having too many drones correct?

I’m not sure but the original five frames that I got with my nook I would think two of those would be the best and most established and probably not full of drone brood that I should move up into my second brood box now that it’s added?

On a side note of that another thing that I’ve been dealing with is small Hive beetles that I just put 2 beetle blasters with oil on top of my first Brood box frames this morning, so when I put the second box on this afternoon I just left them and added two more in the upper box so when I go back in and pull two of my good frames up to the upper box I will remove those 2 lower beetle blaster strips and just leave the uppermost 2 correct?(I find this to be a little confusing because some people talk like the bees Chase small Hive beetles down through their wire mesh in base and into their oil or d e pan, and other say the bees chase them up so that’s why you want the beetle blaster in the uppermost part?)
So do they bees chase them up or down?
I know there’s a lot here but I appreciate all your guys’s insight, thanks Matt

It’s not a nook, it’s a nuc, short for nucleus.

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Doesn’t really matter what frames you use. I often put a couple of honey frames up there so I don’t spread the brood cluster. Actually you only really need one to give the bees the idea.


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Seems like we are doing a lot of correcting spelling vs answering the questions. Please remember that quite a few of the members are also looking for answers to the questions that others ask not spell checks. Just my two cents

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A lot of questions got answered, which added to the confusion. It doesn’t hurt for someone to get the spelling correct if one was to go onto a beekeeping forum to ask questions.

A nook is a corner, recess, cranny or crevice.


Hi Susie. It is important that we all use the correct terms so that there is no confusion or guessing involved. Often it is not a problem to work out the correct spelling or terms used but there is also times that I can’t figure it out. So it would be great if we all used the right spelling, wouldn’t it?

Okay the reason that a lot of my spelling is incorrect is because I’m in a hurry and using talk to text and don’t have a lot of extra time right now to be using or changing how things are spelled because I figured people know what I am getting at…(and obviously people do know because they’re correcting what words are incorrectly spelled by my phone)
Thanks Matt

I agree. Correct spelling is important but I would say participation is even more important. I would hate to see new bee keepers (myself included) feel ostracized for not catching a common spelling mistake. As an example I posted something the other day and while I was trying to type alas spell check kept correcting it to also and i missed the final switch and it read also instead of alas (which made no sense for that particular question I was asking) So instead of being chastised for my spelling errors I deleted the post. Just something to consider… having said that I am not upset just putting in my 2 cents


You won’t be ostracized, your posts are far to thoughtful for that!

Some people get irritated when they have answered a question, but the answer doesn’t seem to have been read. But we are generally not a cliquey ostracizing sort of group of people. Heck, we even have beekeepers here who don’t have Flow hives, and they are welcome too! :smile:

By the way, if you notice spell check trying to change a word that you have not quite finished typing, if you hit the right arrow before the space bar (for the next word in the sentence), it will accept your spelling. As a British english typist, I do this many times per day on this forum. :blush:


Oh I am technologically illiterate. I can not find the right arrow… lol. I am sure it is there I just cannot find it.

No body is ostracizing or chastising for spelling errors or wrong terms used, but wouldn’t it be easier if we were all adapted to a standard term or spelling? It shouldn’t offend anyone to learn the correct naming about bee keeping, especially in a forum where we communicate in the written word.

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I use a Mac computer and it is at the far right of the keyboard. I think on a PC desktop, it is below the numbers cluster. For a PC laptop, I haven’t a clue - been over 4 years since I last used one. :blush:

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It’s not that I don’t know the correct spelling for a nucleus, it’s just that I’m trying to get alot of my thoughts out and give as many details as possible as quickly as possible ( example being, this is all typed out and took me 3 times as long to spell check/ and make sure it’s all punctuated properly as in comparison just used talk to type and instead of nuc it says nook or whatever)
I understand it can be annoying if alot is wrong but we have a 40 acre farm with alot going on…
Thanks Matt