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Time to start selling honey!


Done harvesting for the year and we’ve pulled 300+ pounds w/o touching anything in the double deep brood chambers - left it all for them :slight_smile:

Here’s the direction I am going in with my packaging - not in the picture are the 12oz squeeze bottles.



Very nice, Bobby. :smile:

What are you going to charge? I sold out in less than 24 hours at $15 for 12oz in hexagonal jars.

I have a couple of thoughts. I bought a Brother label maker to fill in the gaps after I read the regulations on labeling honey.

I actually managed to buy it for $78, and it is a great little label maker with nice software which allows a USB connection to easily manage font style/size and add clipart. I printed labels with black text on clear tape, finding the 3/4" size about optimal. Still shows off the honey nicely. :wink:

Here are the US regulations for anyone who hasn’t seen them, then you also need to comply with any additional state regulations:

The other thing I like to do is put shrink bands on the lids. They have some nice ones on Amazon which have a perforated tear strip. Gives a very professional appearance.

There are tons of choices of size, and I just used a 1600W hairdryer on full power to put them on. It helps to hold them in place with a flat blade or a pair of pliers while you start the shrink. Practice makes perfect! :blush:


Thank you for the information @Dawn_SD - it will prove useful. I actually am meeting the labeling requirements here in GA, I just haven’t written the weights on those labels yet. In the black space under the word “Honey” I use a fine-tipped yellow paint pen to write in the weight by hand. Adds a nice touch and it keeps me from having to order multiple label-types for the various weight containers. We are using 1lb tall glass jars, 1lb short jars, 8oz and 4oz Muth jars, and 12oz squeeze bottles.

The market where I live “could” support $15 per pound if I were to set up in the right location where I had the right clientele. For example, the Chair of the Community Farmer’s Markets in Atlanta (http://cfmatl.org/) is a friend and former co-worker of mine - he’s a fan and has extended an invitation to sell there but for now, I’ll keep it simple and sell outside downtown.

The general liability insurance, food liability insurance and business license requirements/costs for selling in the Atlanta markets are too onerous to currently tackle, plus the application and daily booth fee is a tad steep. That being said though, I am certain a premium price could be set were we to go that route. It is just too early in our growth and we’re still establishing ourselves.

On the other hand, my local farmer’s market charges nothing for farmers :slight_smile: but the audience is a bit less urban/hip so we’re considering prices of $10 per pound jar, $8 for 12oz squeeze bottles, $8 for an 8oz Muth and $5 for a 4oz Muth.

I’ve been working on establishing relationships with some of the vendors at my local market. I have a hive set up with an organic farmer that sells at my local market and another hive set up with a native plant nursery that sells there as well. (A little cross promotion/pollination?). I also manned a booth with the county extension agent during pollinator week. Had an observation hive set up and talked bees :slight_smile:

I too am using the heat-shrink seals! I already have all the tamper seals I need (the muth has its seal on in the pic) for the jars and the lip balm. The squeeze jars have the pressure safety seal built into the lid and will adhere when tightened.

I ordered all my glass jars, lids, seals, granulation/infant warning stickers and corks from betterbee.com.
Ordered my labels from stickeryou.com (designed my own labels)
Ordered the Bee Squeeze Bottles from Mann Lake.
I started my social media campaign some time ago (you’ve seen the vids) and I have a decent following on Instagram now! (https://www.instagram.com/bobbeemacbees/)


Thank you for listing all of your sources. Lots of people will find that very useful. I ordered my jars and labels from Mann Lake, and they actually have a special offer right now on 12oz hexagonal jars. Shame I couldn’t wait and paid over $1 per jar! :smile:

I think ultra-local honey is very rarely for sale in our area. I am also fortunate to be surrounded by hippy natural foodies, who believe that honey will cure their allergies. Needless to say, I don’t try to disabuse them of this concept. If they think my honey is good for them, I can charge a premium and they happily pay.

The major selling points (from customer feedback) is that the honey is raw and unfiltered. Of course all proceeds go back into my “bee fund” to pay for the hobby, and I make sure that they know this too. I have had people stop me on the street a week after buying the honey, to say how much they love it, and how much better it is than store-bought, and to let them know when I have more. :heart_eyes:

Everybody ends up happy. :blush:


Looks all good to me!! Nice work @Bobby_Thanepohn, well done :+1:


Does anyone have a good source for jars like this in Canada?